Paddling Etiquette

  • At put-ins and take-outs, be friendly and be helpful to those who might need assistance.
  • Maintain spacing upstream and downstream of others, especially in rapids.
  • When entering a rapid, the upstream craft has the right of way. Always yield to paddlers already in the current.
  • Always provide assistance to others who are in trouble or who are injured.
  • Stay in the main flow of the river whenever possible while paddling past anglers.
  • In areas that are being fished, paddle past consistently with minimal splashing or interference, and avoid shouting or being loud.

Respect Nature

While enjoying the Smith River Blueway, please respect the river, land, and wildlife.

  • Dispose of your waste properly. If you bring it, take it back with you.
  • Leave the land the way you found it or better.
  • Respect the wildlife in our area for their safety and yours.
  • Be considerate of other people.
  • Respect the privacy and rights of private landowners.
  • Volunteer to help us keep our scenic land and waterways clean and safe.